Message From Grand Master Hall

Heart to Heart


THE ROSE by Master Hall

Goju Kenpo is an art
That trains the body and mind,
that makes you feel good
in your down times.

It doesn't matter what people say
Or try to make me see,
For the results that I get
Give confidence to me.

I learn my weaknesses and my strengths
so hear what I have to say,
My weaknesses are my strengths
Because I train them day by day.

Every day I get better
Like the rose I will blossom,
Because Goju Kenpo says
Sooner than later I'll be awesome!

These things I say to you
Are a wise man's quotes,
So relax your mind a while
And sit back and take some notes.

Your best is not enough
If at all you don't succeed,
Because life is up and down
Then you must replant the seed.

If at first you tried to walk
And then you took a fall,
Your best came the day
You did not have to crawl.

So what I'm trying to say
From the bottom of my heart,
Is thank you parents and staff
You're at the top of the chart.

For what you've done for me
And the students of L. Hall's
Because you exist
We stand above all!

I love all you people
This I must confess,
For in the world of which we live
I thank God that we are blessed.

So now I'll say goodbye
With a promise you should know,
I'll always do my best
For you and Goju Kenpo.

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